Top 5 Best of British Pet Products

We love supporting local businesses and thought we would do a quick round up of some of our fav UK companies paving the way forward in innovation and ingenuity. Supporting local businesses not only reduces your pets carbon footprint (think about the of air miles involved shipping things from China?), but also means that you are helping decide the direction…

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Wuf Wuf Box Review and Christmas Giveaway

The team at Wuf Wuf box describe their delivery service as a monthly joy box for your dog (and they are not wrong). This is absolutely the perfect gift for Christmas for any dog in your life. We first met the team behind this mail order delivery service at The National Pet Show and were very impressed with the value…

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The Lounging Hound

It is not often that we come across a product that truly blows all expectations away. The Lounging Hound dear reader, will change your life. It’s perfectly designed for City Dog owners as it allows your dog to sleep on your furniture whilst protecting it from dirt, dog hair and odor. No-one in a small space has the luxury of…

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Pro Pooch Review and Giveaway

When the team at Pro Pooch invited us to try their Luxury Pamper Pack, we jumped at the chance. Dog shampoos are always a tough one for my household. I insist on cruelty free, vegan friendly products, ideally made locally . The dogs however like the smell of fox poo, with minimal artificial fragrance added. Pro Pooch met all our…

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Top 5 Vegan Dog Products

As the world is encouraged to become more vegan by the World Health Organization and UN, we should not forget the impact our pets have on the environment around us. As pet owners, we have a responsibility to do the best by our pet. However, that does not necessarily mean supporting the use of animal products in dogs accessories. A…

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