Keeping Everything Clean with Kleen Pet

At the moment, we have a full house. Not only do I have my 3 dog, but I also have a huge Saluki foster dog and a Pekingese foster coming tomorrow. Life at the zoo is exhausting and fun, but also messy.

My 3 are inches off the ground so their entire underside gets filthy while out on a city walk. And while the Saluki doesn’t have the same problem, he has a habit of peeing on himself when he lifts his leg!!! Gross.

With the weather changing and rain becoming the new norm, it is also hard to get on top of the muddy footprints and wet dog smell. Our solution for all this mess is to use Kleen Pet pet cleaning wipes in an effort to stay on top of all the mess.


The good thing about the Kleen Pet wipes is that they are sturdy and don’t disintegrate in my hand (like a few cheaper brands we have used)

They are also natural and fragrance free so I don’t have to deal with any artificial smells or odors. They are also convenient and portable. I have a packet in my car, in my dog walking bag and another one by the front door so that no muddy foot prints or dirty dogs get the apartment dirty.


KLEEN-PET contains Aloe Vera for Healthy fur Dimethicone which can help reduce tick and flea infestation. Commonly used in flea collars, insect repellent and human head-lice products. Provitamin B5 nourishes the skin and gives the hair a healthy shine Allantoin removes dead skin cells Vitamin E nourishes the skin Neutral PH

We have found this brand more economical that most other brands and I can clean the Saluki, Folly, Jester and Houdini with the same glove by using both sides and turning it inside out.


Have you tried Kleen Pet?

How do you keep your dog clean?


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  1. Joely Smith

    I love that the design of these are gloves and not just wipes! I saw this in another blog article and needed the reminder to get some for our Lyla. Cute pups and thank you for the work you do with rescuing!

  2. Hindy Pearson

    First let me say I’m loving the expression on that dog’s face in your first image! You know what he/she is thinking! I also have to say how wonderful it is you foster and help save lives. Okay on to the product. I did buy wipes years ago but never did much with them. Not sure why. My dogs are small and their stomachs are covered in mud, and of course their paws. Our whole area is surrounded by parks and grass so you can imagine how dirty the dogs get. I’m forever dunking them in the sink. This product looks like a much easier way to keep them clean, I’m going to look into it – thanks for reminding me they exist.

    • City Dog Expert

      Thank you so much. Fostering is a lot of work but so rewarding.
      We love these cleaning gloves as with so many dogs in the house, it’s important to try and stay on top of the odor and mess. is the compnay who makes the gloves

  3. Cathy Armato

    This product is awesome! I see it’s actually a glove, most others are just square wipes. It’s great that it’s all natural. I see from the link that it does not ship to the U.S. Is it available here? Thanks for sharing.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. Beth

    I can see how this could be a great product for a lot of people and their dogs! I think it is great that you are fostering two dogs in addition to having your own little pack!

  5. Rebecca at MattieDog

    Oh my gosh – we must get these clean gloves! We will love them – as often our pups are a bit too energized for a towel, but a good ‘massage’ type cleaning will bring them down and allow me to get them clean!! Love them!

  6. Christine Caplan

    How do I not know about this brand!? I was at a place called Forest Park today with Walter and it was a great hike but super muddy. Even after a full towel before putting him back in the car he was still filthy! This would have help – a lot. Thanks for this review!

  7. Robin

    I have not tried these wipes. I will have to see if they are safe for cats! I do like to use grooming wipes with my cats because they are not fond of baths. We don’t have a lot of big messes, but once in a while a kitty does need a bit of tidying up. 🙂

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