Biggest Giveaway Ever and Rubit dog tag review

What is a Rubit and where can I find one I hear you cry! Let me clear this up. A Rubit is not a cross between a rabbit and a bandit (which was my original guess). It is a tag clip that is designed to make your life incredible easy when you are transferring dog tags from one collar to another.…

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All of the animals are shedding like crazy right now. Living in a city apartment, I notice that there is no place for the pet fur to hide. I am not just talking about small amounts of hair either, I am talking about little fur hills you can make with the “flyaway fur”! Living with 2 dogs and 1 cat…

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Giveaway love and review

DawggieGoPak is the ultimate multi-functional pet product that is designed for the busy city dog owner. The lovely Ethel from DawggieGoPak allowed us to try the designs and I must say that we are hooked. I love the fact that I can put my keys, cell phone and credit cards in one place without filling my pockets to the brim or…

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Do good

Being a dog in the city is not always about buying cute accessories, attending fun events and sipping “puptinis” in the park. Sometimes being a city dog is about giving back to other dogs that need your help and support. Today Houdini and I went to go and help raise funds for The Sato Project at their event at West…

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Pet Portables First Aid Kits

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month and seemed the perfect time to review the first aid kits from Pet Portables. What I love most about the Pet Portables is that they come in two different sizes which suit most pet emergencies. The large (above) is always in the car or house and I have a small kit (below)…

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