City Dog Accessories we can’t live without


Time and time again we are asked to name our top accessories for City Dogs and their owners and we always come back to the same few items.

Having a dog in the City is hard and being prepared is a huge time saver for us busy city dwellers

Dog Cleaning Wipes


Our fav wipes are by a company called Kleen Pet as we have found they stand up to the task of cleaning Jester and his love of rolling in fox poo and Houdini and his dirty legs. The wipes come in packs of 8 and are a convenient mitten shape that is strong enough for even the dirtiest dog. We had a “runny poop” incident a few days ago and these gloves saved the day. They smell fresh and are very portable so always in the dog bag. You can read our review on the wipes here

While Kleen Pet are the only glove type pet wipes we have seen, an honorable mention also needs to go to HOWND “Yup You Stink” gloves and Animology pet wipes which both have a fantastic smell and leave a really fresh fragrance on the pups.


Poop Bags

Image: Notes From A Dog Walker

Image: Notes From A Dog Walker

We have all learned the hard way that not all poop bags are made equal. That one time you are picking up poop on your way to meet friends for dinner is the one time your hand goes right through the poop bag while you are picking up. Eau de Dog Poop is never a good smell- no matter how good you look.

We are currently in love with Poop Bags or Bio Bags who provide biodegradable and compostable  poop bags that hold up to city life and everything thrown at it.

Other great brands are Ginger and Dynamite who win the prize for making poop bags look classy and we couldn’t fail to mention Poop Pot as a perfect poop holder until you find a bin.


Rain Jacket


In the 12 years of having dogs in the city, we have gone through a lot of rain jackets (I mean a lot) and sadly not all jackets are equal.

In the USA, our fav brand is BowHaus who make waterproof  jackets in stylish colours.   The thing I really like about this is that there is a waterproof carriage under the dog also which helps keep their belly nice and clean. Perfect for dogs low to the ground or white dogs. You can read our review here

Our UK customers will love the selection from Teddy Maximus.  Teddy Maximus also specialise in super long dogs like sausage dogs and Bassett Hounds to make sure that their entire back is covered. You can read our interview with the company CEO here.


Collar, Lead and Harness

Long Paws in the Woods

A good collar and lead is worth its weight in gold. They need to give you (and your dog) an element of style while being both practical and safe.

Our top collar, lead and harness sets belong to LongPaws who provide a range of accessories in fun colours to compliment both pet and owner. We find them perfect as everyday leads and collars for the dogs- read more here

If you are looking for something a little more “flashy” try Fabuleash who add a little bit of bling to any dog walk. Available in both the UK and USA

For the beach days when you are less likely to have Fido on lead, Doddle for Dogs is the perfect solution with its built in lead that is permanently attached to your dogs collar or harness.


Hope you have found that helpful guys.

What are your fav City Dog accessories?

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