Little L’s Krak’Em (puppy crack!) Review

We get asked to review a lot of products but it is not often that the the pups go crazy for what has been sent. That was absolutely the case with Little L’s Krak’Ems (or puppy crack as we took to calling it in the office!!)I have never seen such craziness when all puppies tried to wrestle the package open (before the mailman had even left!!).

Because of this reaction, we decided that we needed to review the product ASAP because of the huge risk of the pups devouring the product before we could open it (even the cat was acting crazy!)

Krak'ems product Little L's blurb

The puppies addiction aside, we adored this product. The packaging was so streamlined, the “blurb” on the back so perfect and it was not just made in the USA, nor just made in New York State, but made right here in Manhattan!!! Whoop whoop to local business.

These treats are all natural, organic and made in small batches so quality control is at it’s highest. The time, energy and love that goes into each product is evident and I really credit Little L’s for creating an affordable yet healthy treat that is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

The personal touch was really made evident with the gorgeous card enclosed with the treats. It is not often that a business will be so lovely and personalize a message for the dogs and myself!

Little L's card and Krak'ems

Thank you card inside


Houdini loves Little L’s Krak’Ems

I think the video speaks for itself, my 3 loved the chicken so much that we are excited to try the other flavors (turkey and beef)


These are absolutely going in the treat bag

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