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The creative team at Spoil Me Rotten are searching for funds via kickstarter to take their business to the next level.

As my pups are lovers of their natural, human grade, quality biscuits, we are helping spread the word.


Spoil Me Rotten Dog Biscuit Co. is an all-natural bakery based in NYC that specializes in artisanal dog biscuits. Our biscuits are oven-baked in small batches for freshness. We never skimp on ingredients and are committed to baking treats that are farm-fresh, locally sourced where possible, and enriched with heart-healthy omega-3s to provide our customers a healthy way to spoil their 4-legged family members. Spoil Me Rotten is sensitive to the nutritional needs, common allergens, and dietary restrictions of our clients and have developed biscuits that are free of wheat, soy, corn, preservatives, by-products, broths or fillers.

Treat With Confidence

With the help of a few amazing veterinary professionals, we have created a biscuit collection that is not only really tasty, but good for your dog. To start, we eliminated all the bad stuff to create yummy, healthy treats that you can feel confident giving to your dog.

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