Our Hanukkah Pinterest picks!


While many of us are gearing up for Christmas, Jewish families, and individuals, are getting ready for Hanukkah. At this time of year, for any of us, it can be easy to forget about our dogs.

Once again, we’ve browsed pinterest, repinned to our Hanukkah board, and found some lovely ideas for your dog during the 8 days of Hanukkah.

(All of these items have come from our pinterest board. We have not received any compensation in any form. We just thought they were cool) 

a5a81cf988dc9bb72d11b410eb036cabThese wonderful treats are made by DogParkPublishing and are available through their Etsy store.

These peanut butter biscuits look great and I bet that they taste great as well!

Why is this one of our picks?

It was the color which caught our eye! A lovely edible gift to give your pup whilst you are eating your sufganiyot.




ad1969cb4780c07e59b24122ff59ce41We were completely spoilt for choice for collars on pinterest and elsewhere around the Web but this Star of David collar and bow tie set really got our attention. It is from ChicPoochBoutique and is available from their Etsy store.

Why is this one of our picks?

Any pup would look very handsome in this set. We love the use of colour on the material.






No Hanukkah gift picks would be complete without a Dreidel. This adorable squeaker toy is available through Big Dog Toy Box.

Why is this one of our picks?

We had to include a toy in here somewhere and just love the idea of this plush dreidel. It would certainly be a better toy than its wooden counterpart.



ae98a2032d432d44d503ed6b19d6e43eTo me, Emma, the Menorah is the symbol of Hanukkah. Whenever I see one, I know exactly what it is and what it symbolises. Sofa City Sweethearts sell these lovely ID tags which can really be worn all year round but would make an extra special gift for your pup for Hanukkah.

Why is this one of our picks?

These are useful, elegant and a lovely design.




As we’ve had something for our little (or not so little) guys, how about something for our little gals? Little Dog Fashion have this stunning Star of David dress for your little celebration pup.

Why is this one of our picks?

Not only is this adorable and very pretty, it also has a D-ring by the bow, making it easy to wear out and about.




Happy Hanukkah

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