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When I first looked at the Rescue Facts ID Wrap, I thought it was a great idea but did not understand the necessity for pet owners. How was this any different to an ID tag or microchip?

Upon receiving the rescue facts wrap, the difference became very clear. The emergency information inside is so through and contains emergency contact, medical treatment requests, and consent to treat information. So much more than an ID tag that only contains your phone number.


The value of the Rescue Wrap became evident only yesterday when my little beagles ID tags fell off while she was swimming at the beach. Not only did the Rescue Wrap stay attached, it also stayed bone dry the entire time. I am absolutely in love with this product and have one on Harley Quinn and Houdini’s collars and pet travel carriers.

An absolute must have for any pet owner.

We have two Rescue Wraps (large or small) to give away.

All you have to do is answer the following question.

Who is your dogs emergency contact person?

First two people to respond, win

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4 responses to “Rescue Facts review and Giveway”

  1. alfiethepap says:

    We have Alfie micro-chipped, but then you need someone responsible enough to take lost dog to a vet. If not then it is no use. Which I do worry about sometimes, so perhaps something like this is a good idea, at least it is visible and durable. I wonder if there are any UK based ones? x

    • citydogexpert says:

      Happy to send one to Alfie in the UK.
      Please send us an email with your address on

      • alfiethepap says:

        Are you sure? I know it can be a hassle and quite expensive to deliver stuff across the pond, and I wouldn’t want to cause an inconvenience.

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