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Separation Anxiety can absolutely destroy the relationship you have with your dog. Most of you know the hell I went through when I first adopted Houdini. I was nearly evicted from my apartment for his constant barking, he was destroying the space and soiling furniture and clothing, etc. You can read more about it here

The number one call I get from clients is about how to deal with Separation Anxiety so I decided to put a list together of the top products I recommend to my clients. Obviously this is not in place of seeking professional help from a dog behaviorist, but can often be a good first defense combined with training.


The Thunder Shirt is nearly always the first product we try when it comes to separation anxiety related issues. The simple design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement. It is great with fear related issues (noise, people, other dogs), anxiety and travel. It has an 80% success rate.



I recently discovered these Vita Calm calming tablets and have found them helpful with clients dogs suffering from anxiety. The all-natural combination of chamomile flower, passion flower, ginger, l-tryptophan and melatonin make up these chewables. This advanced formula supports your canine’s nervous system and acts as a natural stress and anxiety relief for dogs.

Pheromone Collar

Adaptil Calming Pheromone Collar are very useful as they always stay with the dog (verses having a plug in pheromone that only works in the area it is plugged in). The pheromones released have a calming effect on your dog which can reduce anxiety and fear related issues in all ages of dogs.


Boredom Buster Toys

KONG Boredom Buster toys are our fav products when working with separation anxiety cases. All my dogs are fed exclusively from these toys to keep them engaged while I am away. It helps keep them busy while I am out and helps associate a positive thing (meal time), with me being away from them helping ease anxiety

All these products have worked for me in the past, however may not work for all dogs with anxiety issues. These recommendations are not an alternative to seeking professional help for your dogs behavior and health.

Do you recommend any other products to help with separation anxiety?

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