The 10 Benefits Of Doggy Daycare For You And Your Pooch


If anybody enjoyed the last couple of years of isolation, it would definitely be our furry companions, as the quality time with their owners would have drastically increased. 

Hating the idea of their pet being alone for the day, a lot of people who are now required to return to their places of work are considering doggy daycare: essentially, a playgroup for your pet. 

As part of its new Doggy Daycare Report, which analyses how much it costs dogs to enrol their pet pooches in daycare around the world, the personal finance experts at have liaised with the experts and compiled a list of the benefits that the financial commitment can provide to both you, and your beloved pet: 

Your dog can socialise with other animals

Hanging out with friends isn’t just for humans; all animals need and crave social interaction, as it makes them less likely to bark or become unsettled on walks. This is particularly important if a dog has been poorly treated in the past, as it can take time for them to regain the trust of others. 

The behaviour of your dog can improve

If your dog has a taste for chewing furniture or chasing cats, it could be beneficial for them to spend some time away from the family home to release their pent-up energy. Lisa Norton, Chief Marketing Officer at SparkPaws, says “you don’t only relieve your dog of this bad feeling, but you also avoid having to deal with broken things in your home.” 

Your pooch’s health can be benefitted 

If a dog is cooped up inside all day, it is guaranteed that their physical and mental health will eventually suffer. Being around other dogs , as they run around and play, is a great way to get your pooch’s heart pumping, along with keeping their bones and muscles strong. Leonardo Gomez, founder of Try Runball, assures that “an active lifestyle is an important requirement for dogs to survive.”

You don’t have to worry about your dog being home alone

Dr Corinne Wigfall, a registered veterinarian, highlights that  “dogs get bored easily stuck at home for long hours, so daycare is an excellent alternative if you know you have a long day at the office planned.” Nobody likes to think of a family member getting bored or lonely, which is why an exciting trip to the doggy daycare centre could help to put your mind at ease until you collect them at the end of the working day. 

You know your dog is totally safe

Security measures at doggy daycare centres, like those made for children, always have to be dependable. It is unlikely, but the thought of your dog escaping from your house and onto a busy road while you are at work can be a major distraction. Knowing your dog is safe and secure is a huge weight lifted from the shoulders of many pet owners, allowing them to be more productive with their day. 

Your dog will get used to a routine

At present, your dog may well be used to you being at home, with walks and meals at uncertain times that depend on your work schedule, so it is essential that things get back to a normal routine for them. A doggy daycare centre would have fixed meal and walk times, along with structured play and possibly even training, offering your dog security and reassurance. 

Separation anxiety can be lessened 

The end of lockdown will have been a shock to the system to many dogs, as their owners are no longer spending 24 hours a day with them. Allowing them to enter a daycare system would slowly help to ease their feelings of stress and tension, as they will have their social and emotional needs catered for while you are gone. 

Regulated food and water

While you are out of the house, your dog is free to eat as much or as little as they like. Most people fill their dog’s food bowl to the brim to keep them happy all day, instead of rationing their treats and meals as normal. If your dog is at daycare, their food intake will gradually become more regulated, allowing them to lose weight if they need to and develop a healthy relationship with food once again. 

Your dog could be regularly groomed

Long-haired dogs need very regular washes and trims, which can be a nightmare if it is not something the owner is used to. Allowing the professionals at daycare to take over can be a good idea, avoiding the risk of your dog’s fur becoming matted and tangled. 

Elderly dogs can receive extra TLC 

If you have a senior dog, things like medicine or special diets may be part of your daily routine – so how can this continue when you go back to work? As some doggy daycare centres are equipped with pet nutritionists, you can be safe in the knowledge that your dog is receiving the special care they need, without you having to pay extra for at-home treatments. 

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