5 Reasons to Listen to the City Dogs Podcast


Season 2 has landed, and you’re in for a treat. The City Dogs Podcast is back with all the guests and insider information you need for you and your city dog to stay ahead of the curve.

You’ll learn something new

5 Dogs in the Campervan in their Bunty bed

Some of the previous guests have included Rory The Vet who spoke about the pros and cons of having dogs in the city, Pop Sausage about unintentionally supporting a backyard breeder, and Le Corgi about why dogs on Instagram are taking over the world and the importance of understanding breed traits.

Top tips and tricks for City Dog Lovers

Do you know what the best rated dog carrier is in London?

Need to find out how to find the perfect dog sitter?

Want to know the perfect City Dog?

The City Dogs Podcast is a resource for anyone who has, or wants to have a dog in an urban environment.




If you love a British accent…. and dogs, you’ll absolutely love this podcast. Kimberly is a Brit who has a casual, easy listening style that delivers the right mix of girl next door mixed and member of the Royal household.

Relax on the sofa with your pup and listen to the dulcet voices on the City Dogs podcast with the array of guests.

Make your commute a little easier

Whether you drive to work, take the tube, or the scenic bus route, the City Dogs Podcast is for you. It’s the ideal way to kill a few hours while using public transport

Because Why Wouldn’t You?

The City Dogs Podcast promotes good dog ownership and animal advocacy mixed with celeb dogs and their humans, practical information and business advice.

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