Goodbye Houdini


7 minutes

7 minutes is all it takes to change your life and your entire career path.

When I first rescued Houdini, he was an accident. I had arrived at the shelter to pick up another dog who was sadly euthanized before I arrived. I asked what small dog was next and they took me to a cage in the back where this little grey looking dog was sitting facing the wall, refusing to look at anyone. I promised I would save him, and I arrived just 7 minutes before he was scheduled to be put down. If I had jumped on a local train instead of an express train, it would have all been so different.

He hated me at first. He wouldn’t let me touch him the first few days. He was insanely aggressive with separation anxiety. He nearly had me evicted from my apartment within a week of moving in. He cost me a fortune in doggy day care and nearly bankrupted me in pet sitters as he couldn’t ever be left alone.
As the trust grew and his training improved, I would sneak him into classes, rehearsals, and auditions and he would sit quietly in his (or my) bag, happy to just be close to me and surrounded by people.

He travelled the world. Following me to the next apartment, the next state, the next country without ever looking back. Always happy and secure knowing his human was next to him.

He would drive me mad at times, and was defo a little shit sometimes (most of the time ha). I was under no illusion that he was perfect. Far from it. But he loved me more than I ever deserved, and probably more than I will ever be loved again. He would have done anything for me. And he is the reason City Dog Expert exists.

I never deserved him, but I am so grateful for those 7 minutes that changed both of our lives for the better.

I will love you forever McDoo

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