Top 5 Vegan Dog Products


As the world is encouraged to become more vegan by the World Health Organization and UN, we should not forget the impact our pets have on the environment around us.

As pet owners, we have a responsibility to do the best by our pet. However, that does not necessarily mean supporting the use of animal products in dogs accessories. A lot of people assume that vegan pet products are dull and boring. Well, these forward thinking brands tell you otherwise. Cruelty free shopping for Fido is possible.

Here is a round up of our top 5 cruelty free pet accessories

Leads and Collars

There is really no need to be purchasing leather products for our pets where there are so many vegan friendly alternatives available. UK based Koko Collective describe themselves as ethically conscious brand who use re-purposed materials whenever possible.

The Koko Collective collection of collars and leads is made from reused bicycle tube inners and offer a stylish (yet practical) alternative to everyday leather products

Vegan Dog Carriers

Teddy Maximus is one of the UK’s leading dog style houses, founded by forward thinking entrepreneur Holly Simpson. The brand is inspired by her dog Teddy, and now now include a fully vegan line of dog carriers. The collection is absolutely gorgeous and completely cruelty free. For such a well established (and respected) brand to launch a vegan friendly collection shows that the pet industry is finally getting in line with the human market.

Dog Shampoo

I have never understood why most most dog shampoo’s and conditioner’s aren’t vegan!!! Why would I put a product tested on animals, on my dog?

Hownd is the UK’s best shampoo brand for the socially conscious pet owner. We have been using Hownd products for a long time (since before they were even called Hownd) and we love them. Hownd does not test on animals, or contain animal by products. They are not just good for your dogs fur, but also good for the planet.


Vegan dog accessories are often forgettable. Not so with the Koko Kollective range of bandanas and bow ties that use colorful and unique fabrics that look good on any dog.

Their products are handmade by a small fair trade project in Kolkata, India. Koko Collective’s long-term aim is to help the artisans of Calcutta Rescue create a sustainable work and supply chain,which will provide rewarding work for more people.

Vegan Dog Treats

There is no reason why plant based dog treats need to be boring and bland. Our fav treats are from Soopa who have the most incredible collection of long lasting chews and training treats. Soopa also have a range of treat toppers and dental sticks which are 100% plant based and dog approved. All ingredients are hypoallergenic and grain free which makes them perfect for all dogs and life stages.


Do you purchase vegan dog accessories and treats for your dogs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments



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  1. Amy & Tilly says:

    Lovely blog post, we always buy vegan accessories.. as a way to (try) and reduce our impact with all the meat treats and food.. just because you can’t do everything doesn’t mean you should do nothing! Lots of love x

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