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Does your dog refuse to set their paws outside in bad weather?

The colder season has arrived, temperatures are dropping, and now is the perfect opportunity for pet parents to begin planning for the cold months ahead.

Many owners face the challenge of getting their dog outside to do their business in the rain, sleet or snow, which often leads to “accidents” or urination in the home. It’s essential to have a back-up plan to eliminate messy accidents and carpet stains. Piddle Place is an indoor dog potty grass pad that will benefit both you and Fido greatly during the colder months.

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You open the door and your canine glances at the rain or snow and feels the chill in the air. He or she then turns around and walks away. Now you’re in a panic because it’s time to leave for work and there’s a likely chance the floors and carpet in your home are at risk of an accident. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Elimination during poor weather conditions is common, especially for small dogs who struggle with cold temperatures. This can be extremely frustrating for owners, creating feelings of anger and resentment towards their beloved pet.

Piddle Place offers a simple solution that is unlike any dog potty turf or pee pad holder. The pet relief system is the #1 dog potty grass patch available using porous non-stick, artificial turf, and a quick drain, valve drain system. It eliminates odor, mess, and contact with pet waste, while complimenting the look of your home (something that is super important to City Dog owners) while still being compact, sanitary, and eco-friendly

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Piddle Place is not meant to replace walking your pet, but is ideal for bad weather or when away from the home for long hours.

Winter months can pose many additional hazards for Fido, which could limit your outdoor time. Dogs are vulnerable to poisoning from antifreeze, the use of which is prevalent during the icy season. When you do take your pup out, be sure to wipe paws and underbelly well to eliminate toxic substances entering your home. Also, protect paw pads from harsh winter elements. There’s a risk of physical injury from rough or sharp surfaces or edges, as well as frostbite or cold damage.

There are many activities to engage your dog in during the chilly fall and winter months. It’s crucial to help Fido burn off energy and keep him well stimulated, regardless of the weather. Pet owners must play games indoors like hide and go seek, fetch, or tug-of-war. Find food games or food puzzles, which will give them a real challenge they will love to work for! Train your pooch a new trick such as, high-five, wave, or roll over.


As you and your four-legged friend prepare for the fall and winter season, consider introducing your dog to Piddle Place to make life easier and your indoor living space more enjoyable for you both. The wet and slushy months track enough mud and mess into your home. The last thing a pet owner wants to do is clean up after their furry friend too!


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