Subscription Box for Dogs from Pawprint Deli

While we were sent a Pawprint Deli Dog Subscription Box to review,  all opinions are our own The concept of a pet subscription box is not a new one. They have been on the market for several years and often I find them underwhelming providing the same treat options and toys with very little variety. When the team at Pawprint…

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Crate Rest For An Injured Dog

Crate rest is super important for dogs recovering from injury or illness. Keeping them happy while in the crate is another thing altogether Houdini recently hurt his knee and has been on very strict crate rest for the past few months. What this means is he isn’t allowed to go on walks, play in the apartment or do anything much…

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Urban Pup Review

We are huge fans of accessorizing the dogs (a little bit too much sometimes). Bandannas and bow ties are our fav accessories for the summer as they are lightweight and portable, yet add a little touch of personalization to a dogs attire. The amazing team at Urban Pups sent us 4 bandanna collars and leads for the pups to try out.…

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Do Squeaky Toys Encourage Puppies to BIte?

So we had a client with the cutest puppy ever who had been told by their dog “trainer” to remove all squeaky toys as they encourage biting. Let’s do a little myth busting here. Thank you internet. I have read online that squeaky toys can cause anything from aggression, to resource guarding and predatory instincts in dogs (hell, I am…

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Keeping Your Dog Safe in a Heatwave

So today it reached 34C in London, UK. A country not known for it’s hot summers (we are famous for rain!!). Sadly, because of our normally crappy weather, noone is remotely prepared for this heatwave. I tried to purchase an air conditioner and the waiting list is 5 weeks!!! None of the shops have air conditioning, nor do any mode…

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